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I study and teach why we, humans, behave the way we do and what our societies are based on. The keen observer will recognize this field as anthropology.

I can offer my services as a guest lecturer or a part-time professor at your higher education institution too. After all, there are few better sweeter things in life than sharing knowledge.


Ph.D. in Anthropology

Bath University
Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

MA in Sociology

Oxford University
Fall 2014 to Spring 2015

BA in Socio-Anthropology

Oxford University
Fall 2011 to Spring 2014

Previous talks

On the importance of flexible education

Greaton conference
Spring 2019

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Covering how societies build idol totems

Garrington Online Summit
Fall 2019

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“The best life comes from an investment in knowledge.

– Rogan Philips